Things to Consider When Selecting a Kalamazoo Roofing Contractor

When selecting a Kalamazoo roofing contractor, there are many things to consider. In this post, we will look at five things you will want to know before making the decision of who you want to work with for your next roofing project.


Experience is important. Years of experience may indicate expertise and reliability in a contractor. It may also mean they’ll be around for many more years after your roof repair is complete, so you can trust them again and again.


Price is an important component to almost everyone. In anticipation of a roof repair, homeowners usually get estimates from several roofing contractors. Each of these roofers presents the value he provides through the estimating process. Roofing prices may vary based on certain criteria such as type of roofing materials or special roof repairs required. It’s important to evaluate each element in a roofing contractor’s estimate. The best estimate should be reasonable, but it may not always be the least expensive.

Company Size

Evaluation of a roofing contractor is sometimes done according to company size. A homeowner may feel good about their roofer if the company is large and well-known. Others may prefer to have their roof repairs completed by a smaller company, thinking this will lead to more personalized service. The best contractors offer highly personalized, quality service – regardless of company size.


Whatever your evaluation criteria, you certainly want a company you can trust to do what they say they will do, on time, and for a reasonable price. Every homeowner wants a company who uses quality roofing materials and stands behind their roof repairs and installations. The core values at the heart of Sherriff-Goslin in Kalamazoo are the same values homeowners expect when selecting a contractor for their roof repairs and installations.


Sherriff-Goslin in Kalamazoo takes a team approach to every roofing project. We’re committed to continued quality which begins long before any roof repair and extends well beyond the time of your roof installation.

This commitment is more than rhetoric. It’s Sherriff-Goslin’s guarantee – included with every roof. Ten years after the shingle manufacturer’s warranty expires, Sherriff-Goslin will still be there with free service, if you need it.