Kalamazoo, MI Resident Wins Free Roof in Sherriff-Goslin Contest

That’s the sage advice offered by Tim Gillespie winner of The Great Art-Loc Roof Debate; a contest event sponsored by Sherriff-Goslin Company. Sherriff-Goslin is the Battle Creek, MI based roofing contractor with more than 20 office locations in Indiana, Ohio and Michigan.

Christmas came early for Tim, who lives in Kalamazoo, MI. He wasn’t searching for a contest. He was looking for a new roof, since he considered putting his home up for sale. Tim contacted Sherriff-Goslin along with several other local contractors, for estimates on roof replacement. Once he received his estimates, Tim went about trying to allocate appropriate funds to complete the project.

What Tim, a systems administrator for an engineering firm, discovered, was that he wasn’t quite ready for a new roof project. He didn’t have the complete funding for the roof replacement readily available. So he decided to postpone the work until an undetermined future date.

When the Kalamazoo Sherriff-Goslin branch learned out about Tim’s plan to delay his roof installation, Branch Manager, Rick Hebert offered a possible solution. “Why not enter our contest. Maybe you’ll have an opportunity to save some money by winning a free roof,” suggested Hebert.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The Great Art-Loc® Roof Debate was the first online contest from Sherriff-Goslin Company. The debate is all about a special type of asphalt shingle. Art-Loc® is a unique interlocking shingle on which Sherriff-Goslin has built a longstanding reputation. It was originally designed for re-roof applications, but is used today in both new and retrofit applications.

The question for debate was whether Art-Loc® beauty, designer appearances, and color choices are the main draw for this shingle type; or the shingle features, like quick install, durability, wind and hail resistance are the best things about this product. To enter, contestants filled out an online form which allowed them to vote for Fred Sherriff or Bert Goslin, each representing one of the two views toward selection of the Art-Loc® shingle.

The contest winner however, was selected by random number drawing, and the contest excitement was about each entrant’s ability to increase the odds of winning by entering and receiving votes. Entrants could enter multiple times, but only once per day. They could also receive votes from friends and family, which became additional entries. So the goal of the contest became getting the word out via word of mouth, social media, etc., to increase your votes / entries, and odds of getting selected in the final drawing.

The overall contest saw 566 homeowners registered. More than 3,759 total votes were cast. Tim Gillespie, with 161 votes, didn’t have the most votes, but had enough to enable one of his numbers picked at the time of selection.

“I never expected to win,” stated Gillespie. “When they contacted me to tell me I was being considered, I thought it was odd. But the call they made to me was a stealth call simply to confirm my information. Turns out I had already won.”

Sherriff-Goslin’s President Robert Sherriff and the Kalamazoo office, showed up on Tim’s doorstep with fanfare and a giant certificate and “presented it Publisher’s Clearing House style,” stated Gillespie later.

Rick Hebert, a Sherriff-Goslin Branch Manager for more than 30 years, was present along with members of his Kalamazoo team to deliver the news, and the prize certificate to Tim Gillespie.

“It was great fun to see how surprised and excited Tim was,” stated Hebert. At Sherriff-Goslin we are all about service and going the extra mile for all of our customers. Being able to award a prize like this to someone who needed it and otherwise might not have installed a roof so soon, was a great honor for our Kalamazoo office.

Tim Gillespie is already enjoying his new Art-Loc® roof, installed promptly by Sherriff-Goslin’s Kalamazoo roofers. “They were here within days of the announcement and they got my new roof installed quickly and professionally,” said Gillespie.

The Kalamazoo Sherriff-Goslin crew was actually surprised to find four layers of existing roofing on the home, so tearoff took longer than expected. They also replaced 210 sq. ft. of decking to prepare the roof surface and repair a small leak. Tim selected Art-Loc® Char Blend as his color of choice. He was pleased at the opportunity to make these important repairs as part of his prize award.

“I have old siding on my home that would be difficult to replace and duplicate,” mentioned Gillespie when asked what stands out in his mind about the actual roof replacement services. “I worried that with all the ladders and flying debris that there could be damage to this old siding and the attached edging. But the way these guys worked there wasn’t so much as a scratch. They also worked around a driveway situation where I needed to allow access during the project. These guys were extremely accommodating.”

Sherriff-Goslin plans to create future fun contests to promote their products and services, and give homeowners a chance to win prizes that will continue for years to enhance their most valuable asset. Anyone within the service area of a Sherriff-Goslin Indiana, Ohio or Michigan office, should keep an eye on our site for details about the next contest. Of course local branch phone numbers and homepages are available on the site. If you need a new roof today, there’s no reason to wait.