Homeowners Expect More from Their Roofing Contractor in Kalamazoo

In this digital age, homeowners are researching both contractors and the roofing materials they use to make sure they receive the best value for their dollar. Roof prices are increasing, so it makes sense for homeowners to want the longest-lasting, best looking roof that they can afford. Roofing contractors in Kalamazoo are noticing that well-educated, savvy homeowners are raising their standards for both the look and quality of roofing materials, which is great for trusted and experienced roofing companies like Sherriff-Goslin.

In the past, the average person couldn’t tell you what brand their shingles are, let alone underlayment or other roofing materials. However, this is changing. These days many homeowners are researching roofing materials online, and choosing the features that they want and the quality they can afford. They are looking at the roofing contractor’s reputation, testing data for roofing materials, warranty information, and other homeowner’s reviews to take into consideration.

Homeowners are also taking the color and style of their roofing materials seriously. In fact, color is the number one consideration for many homeowners. Gray, black, red, blue, and tan are a few of the most popular color choices. As far as style is concerned, shake style shingles continue to increase in popularity because of the richer dimensional look. With the increased popularity of shingle visualization tools, like our shingle visualizer, homeowners are even able to see their shingle choice and find the shingles that will enhance their curb appeal the most, providing the highest return on investment.

In order to meet homeowner’s needs, today’s roofing contractors in Kalamazoo will need to offer the highest quality roofing materials in a wide variety of styles and colors. And the team at Sherriff-Goslin is proud to have earned a reputation in Kalamazoo as the safest, most experienced roofing contractor in the area!