Advantages of Architectural Shingles from Your Kalamazoo Roofer, Sherriff-Goslin

Over the last twenty years there have been many advances in asphalt roofing shingle technology. One of the best advances is the architectural shingle, also referred to as a dimensional shingle, because of its dimensional appearance. In this post, we will look at some of the advantages of architectural shingles from your Kalamazoo roofer, Sherriff-Goslin.


Architectural shingles provide a home with a stunning appearance because of their shape and depth. Although they are asphalt shingles, they have the appearance of other roofing materials. Two of the more popular styles are slate and shake shingles. When slate style asphalt shingles are installed they provide the look of simple elegance found in a slate roof with the practical advantages of asphalt. Similarly, when shake style shingles are used, the rustic and sophisticated look of wood shakes is combined with asphalt shingle performance.


Performance is an important reason to consider using architectural shingles. These shingles are constructed differently than standard 3 tab shingles and can be counted on to deliver greater longevity. Standard 3 tab shingles are made with a single layer of material on top of a glass mat, while architectural shingles are manufactured using multiple layers of material, granules, and asphalt. Because they contain multiple layers, architectural shingles are heavier, so they place more weight on the roof. The multi-layer construction also makes them more durable, so they last longer, meaning most architectural shingles carry a longer warranty.


Finally, there are some cost advantages to using architectural shingles. In most cases, the price of the shingles per square is actually more expensive than 3 tab shingles by 20-30%. However, when you factor in that architectural shingles carry a longer warranty, keep their appearance longer, and wear less, this could mean they pay for themselves in less re-roofing over time.