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A Team of the Best Roofing Contractors in Kalamazoo

Sherriff-Goslin’s Kalamazoo branch knows the importance of having the most experienced, knowledgeable, and professional team who knows the importance of ensuring our customer has the best roofing experience possible. The depth of our team’s experience along with our branch’s dedication to providing our customers with the best, safest roofing experience means we can confidently offer the best free roof inspection, roof repair, and roof replacement services in Kalamazoo.

Justin Reynolds manages the Sherriff-Goslin Kalamazoo branch.  He believes there is a solution to every kind of roofing problem, and he’s going to figure out the best one for your project.  Justin loves the more challenging projects – his motto is “I’m here to fix roofs and chew bubblegum, and I’m all out of bubblegum.

Justin Reynolds

Mike Woodhouse is the Assistant Manager of Sherriff-Goslin Kalamazoo. He is what you would call a “people person.”  Mike’s philosophy is if you aren’t 100% satisfied when your project is complete, then he hasn’t done his job.  He’ll bend over backwards to make the (admittedly stressful) roofing process enjoyable from start to finish.  Mike’s favorite thing about working for Sherriff-Goslin is all the new people he gets to meet when doing inspections and estimates.

Mike Woodhouse
Assistant Manager

Pat Doan has been a salesman at Sherriff-Goslin for over 28 years. He’s got an old-school attitude toward service with a long list of happy customers.  “My business card says ‘Customer Service.’ That’s what I do.  My goal is to solve problems and prevent them.  I have excellent men and materials at my disposal to accomplish this, and a 110 year-old company to make good on our guarantees.  That’s why I’ve worked here for 28 years.

Pat Doan

7 years of construction experience; with 24 years in customer service.

Jeff Smith
Sales Representative

Brutus was recruited by Mike Woodhouse in 2017 and they’ve been an inseparable team ever since. Although Brutus doesn’t have much work experience, his friendly demeanor and optimistic attitude have made him the most popular employee at Sherriff-Goslin Kalamazoo. He adores his family, but work is very important to him. As Brutus always says, “ROOF roof roof ROOF roof roof ROOF ROOF.”


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